So yup, welcome to my blog! I’m Danica Elizalde but even though the name that I use isn’t a hundred percent authentic, I promise to share only bona fide experiences¬†in this page.

I looooooooove KPOP and Korean stuffs, so I established a ‘Korean Corner’ in this blog. There, you’ll see my Korean drama reviews, recommendations, merchandise hordes and many more! Everything is Korean in that page!! (You could also suggest some things that I could include in that corner!)

The ‘Personal Blogs’ category would be all about my rants and all the things that I think aloud about. My personal experiences and realizations would be posted under that category as well. So if you want to dive inside my mind, you can just read the things that I post there hehe.

And ‘Literary Pieces’ would be all about the things I write when I’m bored lmao. I love writing, that’s why I may (or may not) post the stories I write in this blog.

Click the ‘Danica Elizalde’¬†category if you really want to know about me (how to find me, etc.) I will post my contact details there. Hehehe.

So theeeeeeere you have it. I hope you guys would enjoy reading the things that I post here as much as I enjoyed writing them.