Title of Drama: Remember

Other Names: Remember-Son’s War ; Remember-War of the Son

Country: South Korea

Genres: Family, Law, Political, Psychological

Date Aired: December 9, 2015 to February 18, 2016

Status: Completed

Views (via kissasian.com): 3,114,381 (as of June 6, 2017 12:06 am)


Seo Jin Woo has the condition of hyperthymesia, which allows him to remember almost every day in perfect detail. To prove the innocence of his father, Jin Woo becomes a lawyer. He struggles to prove his father’s innocence, but he begins to lose his memory due to Alzheimer’s. (Source: http://kissasian.com/Drama/Remember)

10 out of 10 stars

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Spoiler-free section.

Soooo, I just finished Remember a few weeks ago, and decided to give it a review since it was one of those dramas that left a mark in my heart.

Remember-War of the Son was one of those Korean dramas that I didn’t finish watching. Yep, I’ve already watched the first episode wayyyy back, but I didn’t have the chance to finish it (’cause I think I don’t have the time to do so). But I decided to watch this one again since I’ve read a lot of good reviews about this drama.

And let me tell you this; I loved every bit of it. Every episode was wayyy to intense, and I definitely didn’t regret watching this one. I cried legit tears in every episode! I’ve read a review about this drama, saying that I should really prepare a hanky while watching this one–and, I’ve never read a suggestion so real. I literally had a handkerchief beside me while I was watching this 😂 I literally bawled my eyes out (esp on episode 10). And nope, I’m not even exaggerating. Remember-War of the Son is one heavy drama.

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This drama is NOT your typical romance drama, even though we have Seo Jin Woo and Lee In Ah’s lovey-dovey parts. Sooo, if you came here for romance, nagajuseyo. HAHAHA. But no kidding. If you’re here to find the typical romantic vibe that a Korean drama usually gives us, then this drama is not for you. Actually, I was glad to came across a drama that doesn’t focus on the romantic side much. And they didn’t actually neglect the romantic side. Everything was just balanced. I looooooved it.

I personally prefer light dramas (the ones with simple story lines) but ever since I’ve watched Remember, I’ve started rooting for dramas that has more twists and plots. Remember doesn’t exactly have mind-blowing twists, but every episode was lit and intense. It was such an episode-turner (looool what a term), and you’ll just keep on wanting for more.

I also loved the character development that took place in everyone. I especially loved Attorney Song Jae-Ik’s development. And I also love how they focused on the importance of family. I cried at every scene that involves Seo Jin Woo and Seo Jae Hyuk! Not to mention that this drama also taught us looooots of important values–the importance of family, loyalty. . .and more!

Image result for remember war of the son cast

And I also cherish my big four so muuuuuuch!

This drama is indeed a must watch! If you’re new to the K-drama world, I suggest that you watch this drama to set your standards high right from the start, lmaooo. Expect that you’ll cry right from the start ’till the end! (Please anticipate a river of tears flowing from your eyes in episode 10. T^T)

I sooooo recommend this drama for everyone to watch. This is one of my top faves! And I gave this a 10/10 because everything was perfect–cast, cinematography, plot. . .everything. And this was so recommendable for everybody. It has a lot of lessons, as well, and after watching this, you’ll realize how horrible the real world is. And what differs this drama to the other dramas is the fact that this drama shows lifelike events and happenings. Forget the conceptual things, because you’ll have a lot of reflections and realizations after watching this one. Here’s some of the quotes I’ve screenshotted while watching this drama;

Image result for remember war of the son quotes

Image result for remember war of the son quotes

Here’s a very legit comment that I’ve seen in kissasian.com. I’ve never related to anything in my life like I have related to this comment;


I’m sorry for the ugly edit!! 😂

Spoiler section. (Please don’t scroll any further if you don’t want to be spoiled with the content of the drama!)

So I really loved the twist of this drama. But honestly, I think that I’m just too dense to process the signs and clues that was given at every episode–that it was Attorney Park Dong Ho’s father’s truck who crashed into the Seo family’s car, killing Jin Woo’s hyung and mother. My mouth was left open for minutes when that was revealed, oh God.

And I feel so soooooo bad for Jin Woo. I mean, his life was so full of bad happenings, and if that ever happens to me in real life I don’t know if I would ever be able to cope up. It was frustrating enough that his dad was framed for a crime he didn’t do and that he was just a high school student when that happened and that he can’t do anything to help his dad, but what’s more frustrating is the fact that his dad has an Alzheimer’s disease, and that everybody betrays them and unites to help Nam Gyu Man cover up for his deeds, and that he inherited his father’s disease later on!!

Image result for seo jin woo remember

I cried every time I see how hopeless Jin Woo is, and I’m just so happy that someone like Lee In Ah is always there for him no matter what. And by the way, I loved Seo Jin Woo’s glow up. But then I thought that everything would go well when he became an attorney, but heeeeeeeell. Everything was messed up ’till the 16th episode! HAHAHA

Related image

As for the ending, personally, I liked it! I’ve seen some negative feedbacks for the ending, though. As for me, I don’t really like open endings, but I think that the ending of this drama was just perfect. It’s realistic. I love Seo Jin Woo but I think that I won’t be able to accept it if he would be able to retain his memories in the end. I loveeee the realistic ending.

And my heart broke when Seo Jae Hyuk died! Like I really cried my heart out. I felt so bad for Jin Woo. My heart literally broke because it seemed like it was really the end of everything, but I’m still glad that he became even more determined to fight for his father after that tragedy.

Soooooo, if you want to see some realistic shit in a Korean drama (because lots of Korean dramas give us only the hypothetical shits more often than not), you better watch Remember-War of the Son. This drama would show you how the law works for people who are well off, and for those people who aren’t.

My thoughts on the cast (a Remember drama review special).

I was actually planning to make a separate blog post for this special but due to the fact that I am lethargic, let me put this thing here. 😂 And I only did this because I loooove Remember so much, and I can’t just possibly leave it with just a simple review. And I may (or may not) do this on other dramas as well. Hehe. It depends.

Let’s start with Lee In Ah!

Image result for lee in ah

So Lee In Ah was the female protagonist on this drama. And giiiiiirl, I didn’t recognize her at first!! I knew that she was not a new face but I didn’t know that she was Park Min Young–our very own Kim Na-Na from City Hunter! (I’ve watched City Hunter way back in 2011, by the way.)

Lee In Ah1

For me, Lee In Ah was like the silver lining in Jin Woo’s life. I love her nosy attitude, and I also appreciate the way she cares for our Jin Woo. I’m sooooo glad that she didn’t give up on him despite of everything that happened, and I think that she was also the reason why Jin Woo made it ’till the end. She’s like the source of strength. The energizer. And I just love her role.

Image result for remember war of the son ending

Park Min Young also did a great job in portraying Lee In Ah, and every time she cries, I cry, too! I also became so inspired to become a prosecutor because of her. I also admire her loyalty and self-pride.

Next, Seo Jin Woo.

So I admit it, that Yoo Seung Ho was also part of the reason why I decided to watch Remember (the main reason was because I’ve read a lot of good reviews about this drama). And he’s such a terrific actor for his age! I don’t know why he is so underrated when he was totally a great actor. I just wish that people would pay more attention to him because he’s really one heck of a good actor. (And I wish that they’d pay more attention to talent than the looks. . .but Seung Ho also has his visuals on fire.)

Seo Jin Woo was a hopeful kid who was suffering from hyperthymesia which enables him to remember everything (like literally every thing. in. detail.) that has happened to him. He was suuuuuch a cool guy, and a loving son. It broke my heart to see him weep for his father, because he knew for a fact that he cannot be of any help to him since he was just a high school student when his father got arrested.

Image result for seo jin woo

And man, Yoo Seung Ho with his hair up is sooooo hot and handsome!

Jin Woo was the character that made me cry a lot. Seung Ho did a very great job in portraying him. I cried every time he cried. And I know that my tears are shallow but that’s not it. Every time he cries I can also feel the pain he’s been feeling. I also felt very frustrated about how cruel life was to him. And Jin Woo was like the living reminder that we should never let the hardships of live take over us.

Next, Nam Gyu Man.

One word: ASSHOLE.


He’s stepping on his laptop I’m so-


So Nam Gyu Man was the crazy jerk with anger management problems. And no, I’m not even kidding when I say that this a-hole has some anger management problems. HE REALLY HAS, GIRL. HE REALLY HAS. And his’ was some serious case. I wondered why his dad never bothered to take him to a psychiatrist or something–but then I remembered. . .his dad was an a-class jerk, too.

I understand that Nam Gyu Man was just bounded by the standards that his dad set for him. But he was not one of those antagonists that you can defend on other people, because there are some problematic people that you’d really understand to the point that you’d defend that they only did this and that because of ‘something’, but he was not that kind of person for me. I JUST REALLY HATE GYU MAN, LMAO.

I hate how childish and immature he is, and I also hate how he thinks that money can buy friends and loyalty, too. I feel bad thinking that everybody just sticks with him because of his money, but I still hate him nevertheless. 😂

But please don’t misunderstand. I hate Nam Gyu Man but I certainly love Namgoong Min. He was also one hell of a great actor (and Namgoong Min saying ‘jugeullae’ as Nam Gyu Man is what I live for). He portrayed Gyu Man very well that I hated his character so much. I even threw my handkerchief in my laptop’s screen because I was THAT annoyed. And I can’t believe that he’s already thirty-nine! Wtf. And why is he not married???

And now I can never see Namgoong Min in the same way as before. He’ll forever be Nam Gyu Man to me. HAHAHAHA.


Next up, Park Dong Ho.

Park Dong Ho

It’s funny how I thought that Park Dong Ho would be the biggest jerk in this drama. He was introduced in such a way that you’ll have lots of bad impressions about him. He’s a lawyer that only defends people with money, and he doesn’t give a damn if he’s client is innocent or not–he’ll just do what he have to do and win the case if only you’ll pay him right.

And it made me so glad that he decided to help Jin Woo at first. I was so amazed by the way he used Jin Woo’s ability to defend Jae Hyuk. And yes, I do understand he’s reasons for betraying Jin Woo to enter Gyu Man’s law firm. I didn’t hate him very much but I still did. A little bit.

Image result for remember episode 16

I also admire how loyal he was to his hyung nim (Sook Ju-Il), and I loved how he turned his back onto him because he knew that his hyung-nim was overdoing things already. I also cried when Ju-Il died (lmao I know. I really cried a lot.)

It was my first time seeing Park Seung-Woong in a drama that’s why I’m pretty amazed with him, and that’s why I don’t have much thoughts about him either. I just love the role that he played. He was such a great attorney.

Image result for Attorney Song Jae-Ik

And the next would be Attorney Song Jae-Ik. I must really say that I loved how his character developed. Song Jae-Ik was an attorney who has a court-anxiety, making him stutter every time he defends his client. He was also the first attorney who accepted Jae Hyuk’s case. And I admire the way that he helped Jin Woo. He has a court anxiety, but he’s a great attorney.

Next, Nam Yeo Kyung.

Image result for Jung Hye Seong Remember

Nam Yeo Kyung was Lee In Ah’s classmate in Law school. Yeo Kyung was also Gyu Man’s sister, and later on became a prosecutor like In Ah as well. I admire how dedicated she was to her job, and how she truthfully commits herself to the pledge she sworn onto.

And Jung Hye Seong really reminds me of TWICE’s Jihyo and Nayeon combined that’s why I love her even more. Lmao. And I didn’t realize that she was in To The Beautiful You, as well. Why does she only get the minor roles?!

Neeext, Ahn Soo Bum.

My Soo Bong from W! :((( I feel bad about his character in this drama, because I pity his character so much. I understand his reasons for staying and his reason for turning Gyu Man over (in the near end) so much. He was too taken for granted and I can’t bear watching Gyu Man beat him up. Lee Si-Un is my baby from W and it pains me to see him like this. 😦

Related image

So I really wanted to give my thoughts on every single character in Remember, but I’m running out of words and adjectives–kidding! Truthfully, I feel like I’m already being so redundant with my thoughts so this would be the last character. The highlight and the reason why I decided to make this special corner.

Detective Gwak Han Soo.

Soooo, Detective Gwak was one of the characters that I hate a little less than how much I hate Gyu Man (alongside with Nam Il Ho and prosecutor Hong Moo Suk). I honestly hated the way he talks–his accent, I mean–and that was one big reason why I hate this man. HAHAHAHA.

Another thing was because he was such a big fat traitor, and he was such a dog when it comes to Nam Gyu Man. He couldn’t be swayed with words, either. That’s why I just can not with him. Lmao.

But he was also one of the characters that I started to love while the end was already nearing. He’s just so funny!! Specially when he was teasing Gyu Man and the others with a Bible, saying random Bible verses to anyone and claiming that he was already repenting for his sins through studying the words of God. I loved him since then. His appearance in the near end of the drama held my tears back. HAHAHA.

Here’s some snaps of him; (I screenshotted everything myself)

Detective Gwak 1

Detective Gwak 2

Detective Gwak 3

Detective Gwak 4

Detective Gwak 5

So there you have it!! And yeah, I think that the featured image says that this was published in June 6? It’s because that was the first time that I posted this, and I think that I have not given justice to the greatest drama of all time, that’s why I decided to rewrite it.

And I do hope that you liked this drama review of mine, lol. I have intense feels for Remember, so I’m so so sorry for my outburst! HAHA!

Credits to the owners of some pictures that I used! And some are my photos, too. 🙂


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